“I have learned so much from Sue over the years about life, myself and the interaction between the universe’s energy and my life. Her quarterly updates provide a spiritual guidance and security that I am on the right path. Thanks SUE!”

Darla K.

CEO & President

“Our group commented that what you shared in your talk was vital information they needed to hear. We will definitely use your services in the future and will recommend you whenever possible.”
Stephany & Kim

Wedding Event Planners

“Several years ago, Sue opened my eyes at the perfect moment in my life. I’m happy to say that I’m still enjoying life in that enlightened center she helped me to discover.”

Jim C.

Artist & Entrepreneur

“Sue has been a mentor of mine for some years. Recently, she has been a great coach and has helped me overcome some very challenging obstacles. She has a great understanding of people and offers much guidance and the knowledge to grow. The only thing that would have been better is if I had been able to do this coaching earlier in my life.”

Barb W.


“WOW! Wonderful reading with Miss Sue! She works quickly and gives a ton of details, so make sure you have your writing hand prepped and ready to go! She’s such a happy, delightful person and you can tell she loves to share what she knows! I learned so much about my man and how I can make our relationship better and stronger. She’s a very detailed and confident reader. Thank you, Sue, You are a jewel!”

“Sue has a wonderfully natural way of helping to inspire, uplift and create enhancement within others’ lives with her many abilities. Her outstanding organizational skills, researching abilities, many various areas of knowledge & experience make for a gem of a person who is extremely well equipped to train others in her classes! Her professionalism is so refreshing, but best of all the work she does is infused with grace, love and wisdom as she gives 110%+ in all that she does. I am surely not alone in looking forward to working with Sue Corbin again in the future!”

Sarah G.


“She is absolutely amazing! Gives you a ton of facts and believe me when I say you will be blown away. She is “scary” accurate beyond belief and gives you more info than what you pay for. I am so happy I found her. Will be a long-term client for sure! She is a gem. Call her NOW before she gets well known and her prices go up. You won’t be disappointed!”


“She was right about me booking more commercials before the end of this year.”

“Fabulous reading. Sue mentioned something “strange” that she was getting about my “friend” being proud of me. My person has mentioned how proud he is of me on a couple of occasions, due to my business that I built up. Hoping what Sue sees ahead for 2017 and beyond comes to pass.”


“Your perception and insights have opened my eyes to the many opportunities that lie before me. I am now more receptive to the process and flow of life. Your vision affirmed what I already felt and I am now moving forward with confidence.”

Diane F.

Corporate Executive

“Our session together has set me on a new track of life. You were right on. You truly have a gift.”

Carol M.

Real Estate Broker

“OMG! I am so happy I called this sweet lady! She is AMAZING! Her strengths are numerology mixed with her psychic abilities and when she starts giving you information it’s like the whole oyster of life opens up! My life was a ‘hodge podge’ of pieces – like a puzzle I was struggling to put together and Sue was able to put everything into place for me. We also considered what to expect and prepare for next year. She is just spectacular!”


“Sue gave me an amazing, solid reading. She was confident, direct and able to provide predictions. She could provide a general overview of this current year as well as cross over to the next few months of 2017 with no problem. What was impressive was her ability to link my current state of affairs with past lives, not a common trait of most readers and an interesting topic. Overall I loved my reading with her, can’t wait to talk to her again!”


“I have known Sue Corbin for over two decades as a recipient of her services. She has a wealth of wisdom and energy, and is very creative. I respect her advice.”

Diana G.

President of a Feng Shui business

“She is absolutely amazing! Gives you a ton of facts and believe me when I say you will be blown away. She is “scary” accurate beyond belief and gives you more info than what you pay for. I am so happy I found her. Will be a long-term client for sure! She is a gem. Call her NOW! You won’t be disappointed!”


“The sessions that I have had with Sue have been wonderfully informative and accurate. I would highly recommend her.”

Diane W.

Business Owner

“Sue’s readings, classes, and numerology work are always detailed and thorough with loads of valuable information. She’s generous with her time and talents and is a true blessing to all those who know her.”

Eric N.

Business Owner & Reiki Master

“Your classes are wonderful! Not only are you a wealth of knowledge you have the ability to share it in a way that your students leave all of your classes with so much new useable information!!! Love all the handouts.”

Carlie J.

“Sue has been helping me to overcome challenges I have dealt with in my professional life for years. She is giving me the tools to improve my time management, people skills, and public speaking among other things.”


Business Owner

“Sue is always prepared and on time. She presents herself in a professional manner. Sue is easy to talk with and very insightful. She is able to use our time effectively and provides me with exercises to practice my new skills between meetings. I would highly recommend Sue Corbin for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.”

Caryl C.

Business Owner & Reiki Master

“I always leave our readings or your classes full of knowledge and with a regenerated spirit. I also love the packets you put together for us, it shows you care and that you want to empower us to use our new knowledge in everyday life! I am thankful for your gift.”

Stephanie B.

“It has been my privilege to know Sue Corbin for many years. She has been a business associate, trainer, and leader for over a decade in several business ventures. Her leadership and training expertise are above and beyond all expectations. She is thorough and is always prompt, on schedule, covers all topics thoroughly so that all the audience, from two to two thousand, learns the material thoroughly. I cannot, in all honesty, think of any aspect in which her performance could be improved. She has my very highest recommendation. She is marvelous.”

Jim Cowan, PhD

Business Owner