Psychic Medium and Numerologist

One on One Sessions: Sue Corbin works mainly with women seeking guidance or looking to see where their journey through life may lead them so if you have personal issues, relationship challenges or career concerns, it may be time to schedule a consultation with Sue.

Business Sessions: Sue assists business owners who seek her advice regarding the future direction of their company.  Her psychic abilities and her background as the Corporate VP of Sales and Marketing for two successful global enterprises has given her the experience needed to offer guidance and assistance.

Group Sessions:  Sue enjoys working in group sessions where she can meet with several  participants who are looking to expand their horizons.

Tools of the Trade: As a professional psychic, Sue doesn’t need paraphernalia but she does incorporate Numerology in her readings and will sometimes use Tarot or Oracle Cards to offer a visual illustration of what lies ahead.  As a Psychic Medium, she channels communication between her clients and the Spirit World.