Author and Global Trainer

* eBooks on Personal and Spiritual
* Development topics
* Corporate Sales Manuals and Training Guides
* Workbooks for Personal and Spiritual Development Classes
* Three books to be published in 2019 and 2020:
The Spirit, the Soul and the Self©;
1st Sight, 2nd Vision© and
Co-Creator in a World of Universal Laws©.
* Conceptualized and helped developed the Raven Speaks Oracle Deck©, a collaborative project with friend and artist, Carlie Juresich.
* Guidebook for the Raven Speaks Oracle Deck©
* Global Speaker and Trainer

Global Speaker and Trainer
* Created and taught personal and spiritual development courses.
* Lectured on self motivation and self-improvement, sales and marketing, leadership development, health and wellness and herbal topics in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, and Thailand.
Interviewed on Toronto’s “Morning Show”.
* Guest hosted or interviewed on several live or internet radio shows.
* Radio interview with Mark Blazer of iHeart Radio on Numerology and the Lottery
* Current Personal and Spiritual Development Programs:
The opportunities to elevate your consciousness are endless when you are open to the wisdom inherent within you coupled with the knowledge that you learn in the physical world.

Current Personal and Spiritual Development Programs

* The Co-Creator Series: I-II
* The Code for Abundant Living Series: I-VI
* The Soul Series: I-V
* The Spirit Series: I-III
* Crystals, Sacred Geometry and Power Grids Series: I-III
* The Psychic Development Series: The Clairs I-III
* Numerology Series I-III
* The Chakras
* Auras and Light Bodies
* Meditation and Chanting

These classes were taught in group sessions from 2016 through April of 2019 and are being restructured into online courses.

If you want to learn more about them, send an email in the contact section and ask for a course syllabus.